3D & Augmented Reality for E-commerce

ThreedyAR, with its unique features, offering you the ultimate customer experience! With WebAR in play, guaranteeing efficient engagement and increased sales!


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Efficient, top-notch features and AR engagement, providing a whole new experience that transforms your visitors to potential customers!

Augmented Reality

Wouldn't 360 viewing and real-time viewing serve as better alternates than static images? With a range of exciting features, drench in the immersive world!

Model / Size Variant

Material / Texture Variant

Dimension Visualization

PC to Mobile Bridging (QR Code)


3D Asset Creation

Transform static images to 3D models with Our 3D Asset Product service. Elevate engagement with immersive 360 and real-time viewing!

Model Creation for AR (Jpeg to 3D Model)

Model Conversion (Solid Work files, CAD, etc. to suit AR)

Optimization for AR (Lower poly count)

Hassle-free process

Just share the available reference materials, such as CAD files, technical drawings, or image references, and wait for us to handle the rest!



If you have any 3D assets, please share the model with us, and we will check if it is compatible with our platform. Don't have a model? No worries, we can create them for you.



We will manage all other tasks from modifying, model enhancement, creating model and texture variants including uploading.



Your WebAR experience is now ready to use! Simply integrate it with your live website to allow users to access and interact with it using their smartphones or other devices.

Dashboard highlights

It is easy and quick to get started, with just a click away!

Easy to use

Our Dashboard is user-friendly, requiring no specialized skills or extensive training to navigate and understand.


no-code integration, adding our WebAR functionality to a website is as simple as copying and pasting a script, requiring no technical skills or manual coding.


Our analytic tools provide insights into audience behavior and trends, optimizing marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness and informed decision-making.

Our cutting-edge integration

ThreedyAR Integration combines traditional and digital marketing, helping businesses reach a wider audience and increase effectiveness.

Qr Code and link

ThreedyAR QR codes enhance traditional marketing by offering interactive 3D product experiences on smartphones.


Add interactive WebAR to your website easily with iframe integration. Copy, paste, and engage visitors with immersive experiences.

Add WebAR button

Add 'View in your space' button to website with 2 lines of code for customer product experience

Furniture Fashion Real Estate Automobile


Our web-based Augmented reality for furniture companies enables customers to visualize how furniture products will appear in their homes before purchasing.

This provides customers with better decision-making abilities and increases their confidence in their purchases. Additionally, integrating our WebAR service into the furniture company's website can save your money by eliminating the need for physical showrooms and reducing product returns.

The WebAR service is user-friendly and can be easily added to websites. ThreedyAR offers a smart solution for furniture companies to showcase your products and make the shopping experience more enjoyable and informative for your customers.



Our technology allows fashion businesses to showcase their products in an engaging and interactive way leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Additionally, using WebAR can help reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry by reducing the need for physical garment display, resulting in a more sustainable shopping experience, ultimately leveraging WebAR to provide businesses with a competitive advantage in the fashion industry.


Real Estate:

ThreedyAR offers real estate businesses the ability to provide potential buyers with a more engaging and convenient experience.

By allowing buyers to view properties virtually, businesses can save time and resources by providing buyers the ability to visualize homes/shops from different angles, the interiors of the space, and understand its setting in the surrounding environment.

This technology also offers increased efficiency and improved marketing capabilities for businesses, resulting in an overall better experience for potential buyers.


Increased customer satisfaction, improved marketing, and reduced costs.

By allowing customers to visualize automobiles virtually, businesses can provide a more immersive and convenient way for customers to explore and purchase, while also saving time and resources.

This technology also enables the creation of engaging virtual showrooms that can attract more customers and improve brand awareness. In summary, WebAR has the potential to transform the buying experience.


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